Friday, 29 April 2011


First of all I would like to apologise for deserting my blog for quite some time. But I'm back after a weeks trip in Venice.
OK to the left is Tinkerbell, this was one of the funniest free moments going and saw the formation of the back rowers. I first met this outgoing lady whilst trying to haggle with an Italian stool trader, they are not like the British, they don't do you any deals, foreign bastards! 
At the top of his voice my mate goes to this woman " WTF are you wearing ?" Thank Pope she was foreign. then we moved on and caught here again across the way, "get a photo with her Foad" so i sprinted across and took that photo.


THE BACK ROWERS were the most outgoing people on the coach if i may say so myself, always singing and laughing and ... trading Pokemon. we had a good time because we were away from significant others and it gave us a chance just to be lads and fantasise about Tina.
Tina was great she bought us shots whilst watching the football, got drunk on the first night and bought us more drinks when explicitly told not to, we did however feel bad when she got the disappointed look, another one who bought us drinks was Tagg the money man of the back rowers and also Miss Witherington. all in all that was a great night it ended up with some explicit pictures.

I would go back to Venice with the same group anytime anywhere. Especially with Tina.