Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I love LAYERED music

OK I know everyone loves music, and it brings people from different walks of life together. But I personally feel that music with depth a layered effect, artists such as Ellie Goulding and more recently noticed by myself ADELE. 

The mentioned artists may both use auto-tuning device that enables the artist to add layers to a pre recorded voice, this is evident in lights, the introduction has many different layers the same phrase, this releases endorphins in my head due to the sweet sound that is flooding in through my ears.  

go listen to Ellie Goulding, and don't listen to the primary sound, listen, hard, use your brain, and it will take music to another level, I promise you

Friday, 21 January 2011

I told you i'd be back

Well today saw the last of my AS Level resits, thank God. I am quietly confident that my Geography result will have improved although that paper still needs to be longer! As for my PE well it looks like an EPIC fail, tested on my weakest part of knowledge. Results around March so if you don't hear from me I have killed myself, due to piss poor results, or alternatively my mum has gutted me, strung me up by my intestines and made me eat my penis.

Well it now allows me to blog, yes good times.

The much talked about topic today was hair with a few members within my friend group debating on radical hair styles. Now there is nothing wrong with someone’s hair it is personal preference and that got me thinking about who has the perfect hair.

Hair is a personal preference, so being personal I feel dyed colours are second rate to a natural colour, yes even the "dreaded" ginger. So to all you with Rhianna Red, it does indeed look good but natural is always better for condition and look. So the key question now is what is the best natural colour? Now blonde can come in different tones, bleach blonde is a no no for my liking, it makes people look like a Eastern European, drug taking whore, with visions of a person from my old gcse drama group. If you were in my class she always wanted to write about someone being pregnant. A normal blonde although generic is probably the best tone for blondes. Brunettes, some of the best looking girls I know are brunettes, but it just doesn't wow me, when dead and dry it’s noticeable. Ginger, a natural strawberry blonde ginger is beautiful, it compliments every skin tone and can highlight how beautiful a face can be. Ginger however can go the extreme Ron Weasley or any of the Weasleys back off you are not my preference.
Selected colour: Blonde (dirty blonde)

Length is also a key question. Short is sexy but what else can you do with it, cute little bob, cute little bob to the side, done. Length gives you the choices, up, down, curled, straight, natural, beehive, and many more. I was disappointed when one of my friends got her hair cut short ... I was gutted, she no longer looked like my celebrity crush, as she had lost the beach look and that is the perfect style as far as I’m concerned.
Selected Length: long or enough for beach look

Style, well it has to be beach look, its natural unmade nature shows real beauty.

So it has to be long blonde hair, that’s unmade such as

Yes Diana Vickers, the celebrity crush mentioned before, so congratulations DV, and anyone changing their hair look to the picture above^^^

Saturday, 15 January 2011

think what you think

So there I am (Left), not a care in the world at the beginning of my sixth form life, then, pressure, and the cause for this pressure is the singular word "exams".

So it’s panic all stations, not just at school but also at home. Mother keeps wittering on about how important it is to get good grades, and keeps referring on how I don't want to end up like my dad. OK fair point, he has lived in this town the whole of his live, and let’s just say I was able to do deprivation coursework in this town.

Yes I'm intelligent and always seem to show my parents that I can do better than they expect. For example my theory test, I dropped two marks on the first part and three on the second, to come out to my mum’s uplifting words "didn't think you were going to pass that". The same applied for me getting a job, "you will never get a job you lazy shit," well I have been in a part time job for a year now, so that's a metaphorical two fingers up to my parents. 

You must be thinking, typical teenager complaining about exams, should of taken a test in my day, well tests are easier but teaching standards are worse. I currently re-sat my geography advanced subsidiary level and had one of my teachers , three days before my exam, and I quote "sorry boys I can't help you" so that meant hours of self taught lessons. The only benefit was that I enrolled in these self taught lessons at home, where tea and toast are almost on tap.

 I am writing this blog in my down time, when I haven't any revision to do.

I think my next blog will be on relaxation after the stress of exams and revision have caused.

Virgin syndrome

Virgin syndrome – the unnecessary connection one feels towards the person they lose their virginity to. It often causes great annoyance to their future partners and said person.
Ok, yes, I know for a first blog it’s a pretty out there title but is it me or do girls get really irrational over there ex that took their virginity. I may quickly add that this has not been present in my life after unfortunately losing mine to someone rather unattractive.
So the reasons behind my theory – and how it came about.

One of my best friends is constantly arguing with her boyfriend although he is my friend if it had been anyone else she would have got shot, so why not? It seems there seems to be an attraction towards him for no obvious reason other than he took her virginity.
Does a female want to go back to her first as she feels a part of her belongs to him or is lost to him and somehow wants to get it back?

Another example, again a rather attractive girl, one of my ex-lovers to interject again, is going out with someone who is a complete opposite to herself, non ambitious, ugly, gone to remain in a ‘crappy’ town for rest of his life and bring-you-down-with-me type. Now she loves him entirely and completely due to one reason – he took her virginity, period.

I am not the only person who identifies this recurrent theme, just this morning my friend comes up and says my mum said ‘virgin syndrome’ this morning. So for a well-educated woman to assume such a theory it must have some legs in it. It’s quite easy to identify just take a look around virgin syndrome is everywhere.
Now, I had a wild idea of somehow getting this into a psychology book as a credible theory…so if anyone at university has an idea of how to go about gaining evidence for such a theory please do not hesitate to comment.