Saturday, 15 January 2011

Virgin syndrome

Virgin syndrome – the unnecessary connection one feels towards the person they lose their virginity to. It often causes great annoyance to their future partners and said person.
Ok, yes, I know for a first blog it’s a pretty out there title but is it me or do girls get really irrational over there ex that took their virginity. I may quickly add that this has not been present in my life after unfortunately losing mine to someone rather unattractive.
So the reasons behind my theory – and how it came about.

One of my best friends is constantly arguing with her boyfriend although he is my friend if it had been anyone else she would have got shot, so why not? It seems there seems to be an attraction towards him for no obvious reason other than he took her virginity.
Does a female want to go back to her first as she feels a part of her belongs to him or is lost to him and somehow wants to get it back?

Another example, again a rather attractive girl, one of my ex-lovers to interject again, is going out with someone who is a complete opposite to herself, non ambitious, ugly, gone to remain in a ‘crappy’ town for rest of his life and bring-you-down-with-me type. Now she loves him entirely and completely due to one reason – he took her virginity, period.

I am not the only person who identifies this recurrent theme, just this morning my friend comes up and says my mum said ‘virgin syndrome’ this morning. So for a well-educated woman to assume such a theory it must have some legs in it. It’s quite easy to identify just take a look around virgin syndrome is everywhere.
Now, I had a wild idea of somehow getting this into a psychology book as a credible theory…so if anyone at university has an idea of how to go about gaining evidence for such a theory please do not hesitate to comment.

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