Saturday, 15 January 2011

think what you think

So there I am (Left), not a care in the world at the beginning of my sixth form life, then, pressure, and the cause for this pressure is the singular word "exams".

So it’s panic all stations, not just at school but also at home. Mother keeps wittering on about how important it is to get good grades, and keeps referring on how I don't want to end up like my dad. OK fair point, he has lived in this town the whole of his live, and let’s just say I was able to do deprivation coursework in this town.

Yes I'm intelligent and always seem to show my parents that I can do better than they expect. For example my theory test, I dropped two marks on the first part and three on the second, to come out to my mum’s uplifting words "didn't think you were going to pass that". The same applied for me getting a job, "you will never get a job you lazy shit," well I have been in a part time job for a year now, so that's a metaphorical two fingers up to my parents. 

You must be thinking, typical teenager complaining about exams, should of taken a test in my day, well tests are easier but teaching standards are worse. I currently re-sat my geography advanced subsidiary level and had one of my teachers , three days before my exam, and I quote "sorry boys I can't help you" so that meant hours of self taught lessons. The only benefit was that I enrolled in these self taught lessons at home, where tea and toast are almost on tap.

 I am writing this blog in my down time, when I haven't any revision to do.

I think my next blog will be on relaxation after the stress of exams and revision have caused.

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