Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I can not explain how good it feels to be finally free of school, and A levels. Its like free crack for a crack head, its that good.

I can now do whatever I want. This being one example, I am now free to blog as i have what seems like unlimited time on my hands. So expect a few more posts from me now seen as my revision period it seems i neglected my beloved blog, this will be almost like a confession/ gossipy blog from now on in. With the ins and outs of my somewhat stagnant love life.

I can also read, yes I love a book, but more to the point books I don't have to read because I have an exam on them just a book for sure pleasure , so I think I will find my "one day" book again and finally read it from beginning to end. hopefully by reading more it allows me to develop my own writing skills for uni.

O and there is also the plus side of going out and getting FUCKED because there's no school in the morning. This means meeting more girls complicating my somewhat confusing   relationship I have with a girl at the moment, but ultimately creating more to blog about.

I am also freeing myself of all the dead beats that ultimately drew me back. When I yearned  for more they wanted a safe option, to dare is to do as the yids say ( I am not a yid). However after last night's prom I reallise I will miss the most random people as I may never see them again. Tom Jordan (TJ) Will miss our Dover Athletic talk. The most emotional good bye last night was with a little gem called Hannah Yearley, if I never see her again a big void will be created. That is only her shape to fill.


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