Thursday, 7 July 2011


So today I will be leaving for the local lounge on the farm festival :), the line up for Canterbury isn't to shabby with my favourite female artist Ellie Goulding performing on the Saturday. I am however disappointed that I had to pay for a full adult ticket, as a student required a NUS card, I am still a student but don't own one of them cards, so i had to fork out £110 compared to £90 for a student, one slight scam.

I am disappointed at the Sunday line up, its headlined by Echo and the Bunny men, yes your guess is as good as mine who they are, it is also full of bands so indie that the indie genre has never heard of them. However I am going with good quality people that will no doubt make me enjoy my time, shit bands or good bands.

I shall be fighting my way to the front tomorrow to see the streets final live performance as a whole. Fit but you know it is a defining song of the 00's and takes me back to a frivolous summer, I shall be looking forward to this final performance I'm sure they will go out with a bang.

The weather forecast predicts a showery weekend, fuck it I don't care. in the words of Liza "no ones gone to rain on my parade[well festival]".

No doubt you will hear my opinion on the weekend come Monday, so today is wet wipe food and sleeping bag hunting, then a game of football.

ttfn Tom

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